Beats Herbal Tea


Beats Herbal Tea

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  • Heart Tonic – strengthens heart muscles.
  • Cardioprotective – prevents heart diseases.
  • Nephroprotective – protects kidneys.
  • Hepatoprotective – protects liver and prevents liver diseases.
  • Immunomodulatory – improves immunity.
  • Gastro-modulatory – improves digestion and prevents acid peptic disorders.
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Beats Herbal Tea contains ingredients that protect the heart with their cardioprotective action. These herbs especially Arjuna acts on cardiac muscles and provides strength to it. It boosts the pumping capacity of the heart muscle. Along with other ingredients like Punarnava and Yashtimadhu, it also alleviates the low-grade inflammation in the blood vessels, which prevents the accumulation of plaque inside the blood vessels, so it precludes the formation of clots.

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